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TIANZ Tomato paste production process
TIANZ Tomato paste is a concentrated paste made from fresh tomatoes that have been cooked, strained, and reduced to a thick, rich consistency. Here is a general overview of the tomato paste production process: 1)Selection of tomatoes: The first step is to select ripe, fresh, and high-quality tomatoes. The selected tomatoes are usually a type of plum tomatoes or Roma tomatoes. 2)Washing and sorting: The tomatoes are then washed thoroughly and sorted to remove any damaged or spoiled ones. 3)Blanching: The tomatoes are then blanched in boiling water for a short period, usually for 1-2 minutes, to remove their skin and loosen their seeds. 4)Removal of skin and seeds: The blanched tomatoes are then passed through a machine that removes their skin and seeds. 5)Crushing and pulping: The tomatoes are crushed and pulped to create a uniform mixture. 6)Concentration: The pulp is then cooked at high heat to remove excess water, and the mixture is reduced to a thick paste. The cooking process may take several hours to achieve the desired consistency and flavor. 7)Packaging: The tomato paste is then packaged into cans or glass jars, and sometimes it is also packaged into aseptic bags or drums for bulk distribution. 8)Storage: The packaged tomato paste is then stored in a cool, dry place until it is ready for distribution. Overall, the tomato paste production process involves several steps, from the selection of high-quality tomatoes to the final packaging and storage of the paste.


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