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About Us

Tianz Tomato Paste Co., Ltd.is a subsidiary of Tianz Group and a leading Chinese enterprise in the production and sale of tomato products across the entire industry chain.

We possess well-equipped processing plants located in major raw material production areas, boasting advanced technology. Our main focus lies in the production of various tomato products, including tomato sauce, tomato powder, tomato lycopene, tomato salsa, tomato beverages, and tomato seasonings. We primarily supply renowned domestic and international enterprises such as Heinz, Unilever, KAGOME, McCormick, Lee Kum Kee, and Haitian.

We have established a complete industry chain for tomato products, encompassing seed research and development, cultivation, primary processing, deep processing, and sales. Our aim is to become an internationally influential enterprise in the tomato product industry and a provider of high-quality tomato products.

Seed Research and Development
Tianz Tomato Paste Co., Ltd. is a specialized research institution that integrates tomato seed processing, breeding, cultivation, and technology research and development. With a focus on the rapid development of the tomato industry, we maintain cooperative relationships with institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, H.J. Heinz Company of the United States, and Unilever, striving to meet customers' personalized needs from the perspective of variety and agricultural technology. We aim to address issues such as variety differentiation, balanced supply, pesticide residues, and product quality in the tomato sauce industry. Simultaneously, we breed superior varieties from the developed new strains, conduct quality inspections and processing and packaging of seeds, and produce excellent varieties that meet industry demands. This endeavor supports the healthy, steady, and sustainable development of the industry and continually enhances the market competitiveness of our products.

Production Base
We currently operate 20 tomato and fruit processing enterprises located in regions such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Gansu, ensuring diverse procurement capabilities. Adopting an "order-based agriculture" approach supported by a mature operation model of "company + base + farmers," we integrate farmers and raw material base construction into the management system of the "first workshop of raw materials." We strictly adhere to superior varieties, new technologies, and models to improve yield, enhance quality, and boost industrial competitiveness.

Processing Equipment
Our company operates multiple tomato processing production lines, with 80% of the equipment imported from Italy and the United States. We employ world-leading processing equipment from Italy's CFT, Ing rossi, FMC, and others. We adhere to strict standardized factory management, international standards for process control and production, and possess comprehensive monitoring and quality control mechanisms. We are committed to providing users with high-quality and reliable tomato products. Environmental protection and energy conservation are fundamental principles of our agricultural processing enterprise. We construct environmentally friendly and energy-efficient facilities, emphasize energy conservation, promote clean production, and strengthen the circular economy. We rigorously evaluate equipment selection and technical upgrades for existing facilities, prioritize efficient and energy-saving equipment, invest significantly, and focus on non-toxic and harmless treatment of harmful emissions.

Raw Materials
Tianz sources its tomato raw materials from one of the world's three major tomato golden production areas, ensuring high lycopene content and excellent taste for its tomato products. We employ advanced production techniques such as vacuum steam peeling, three-dimensional cubing, aseptic canning, and intelligent sterilization, along with world-class automated production lines. We maximize the freshness of naturally ripened tomatoes, guaranteeing the nutrition and original flavor of tomato cubes, and ensuring seamless production, storage, distribution, and consumption.

Industry Standards
Tianz Foods always remembers its mission to provide high-quality, safe, and healthy food to society, striving to meet growing market demands. We synchronize with international standards, strive for "zero defects," and have successively obtained certifications such as ISO9001, ISO22000, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP) certification from the China Quality Certification Center, International Food Standard (IFS) certification, and Halal food certification, as well as product export certification. Tianz Foods is one of the leading units in drafting industry standards for "Tomato Condiments" in China.

"Our foundation lies in quality, our priority is service, we conduct business with sincerity, and we thrive on trust" is our corporate tenet. "Rigorous realism, innovative development" is our management philosophy, and "customer satisfaction" is our unwavering commitment. We aim to provide you with the most satisfactory service through excellent product quality and the most reasonable prices!

In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the operating philosophy of "excellent quality, reasonable price, user-friendly, and benefiting all" and the spirit of "unity, efficiency, innovation, and surpassing," providing society with more safe and delicious high-quality tomato sauce products, satisfying people's healthy and happy dietary culture, serving the people, and serving society.


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